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Eucalyptus Honey 500 GM


Fight colds, the flu and respiratory illnesses: This monofloral honey is particularly beneficial in this area, as it helps improve expectoration, minimize excess mucus, alleviate nasal congestion and acts as a natural cough suppressant. In fact, research has shown specific efficiency as a cough suppressant for children.

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Eucalyptus Honey is one of the most distinct honey varieties due to its unique color, aroma and taste. Particularly beneficial for the respiratory system, its other many advantages have positioned it as the favorite honey type for many. Characterized by a sweet taste with slightly acidic undertones and quite often, salty undertones. Among its characteristics, there’s also the tendency of Eucalyptus Honey to crystallize in fine crystals. However, the taste of  Eucalyptus Honey presents common traits such as a mix between medium-sweet, salty and slightly acidic undertones. Menthol, caramel and earthy hints can also be present, as well as smooth wooden nuances in the aftertaste.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 15 cm


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